Wil Wallace: Higher Student Fees Just Aren’t Feasible (The Punch, 13/1/12) #auspol

Dear readers, please do not run away or close the window because I’m an Arts student: I have something important to say. Over the past five years I have enjoyed a successful “career” (for wont of a better word) studying at four different universities and I now find myself in the early stages of a […]

Wil Wallace: ‘Tis the Season of Bloody Useless Gifts (The Punch, 27/12/11) #auspol

Around this time last year my soon-to-be wife and I were finalising the preparations for our wedding. There are many questions that will be endlessly asked of newly-wed (or soon-to-be-wed) couples: How did you meet? How long have you known each other? Do the parents approve? But for me the worst question was “What do […]