This has been reproduced from INTRODUCTION “Everyone is asked their opinion about every detail in order to prevent them from having one about the totality.” Raoul Vaneigem We look around us and see a world beyond our control. Our daily struggle to survive takes place against an immense and constantly shifting backdrop… …moving from […]

Wikileaks and Preferences in the 2013 Federal Election

Quite a few commentators have noted a few interesting preference allocations released today. While Wikileaks has not joined the Sex Party in allocating One Nation a relatively high preference (there are some worrying allocations that have been made in Victoria and NSW. The excuse of administrative mistakes is not that reassuring, either.   Refugees and […]

Pacific Solution, 2.0

Last year, The Age’s Michael Gordon wrote about the arrival of the first group of asylum seekers at Nauru’s Topside facility and declared that the new Nauru plan would be a marked departure from the hardship of Nauruan detention under John Howard’s Pacific Solution. Labor’s new plan would mean that asylum seekers would no longer […]

Our University Crisis

For the previous 20 years, Australian universities have been undergoing reform in order to become more profitable, efficient and relevant to Australian society. Though funding reform stretches back to the early 1970s, it was the “Dawkins Revolution” of the late 1980s and early 1990s that jump-started this process and made neoliberalism the dominant paradigm in […]