An open letter to Geelong

In the 1930s, textile workers in Geelong knew war was approaching when mills were given secret orders to begin producing larger quantities of khaki clothing. In the 1940s, local factories were brought under government direction and allocation of labour strictly organised to see that War Production could be carried out at maximum capacity. The Industrial […]

The Ent Moot

Finally, after approximately 7 years the Victorian Trades Hall called a general meeting of unions to discuss a united response to the recent Abbott/Hockey budget. Built on a lie about the condition of the Australian economy and sold under the banner of equal and fair burden for future prosperity, the Coalition’s budget is the end […]

On Violence and Protests #tunnelpicket

The last week has seen brutality on the streets of Fitzroy as the Napthine government struggles to complete soil sample drilling necessary for the East-West tunnel link that has thus far been disrupted by community picketing. Victoria Police and the Melbourne Planning Authority have used overwhelming police numbers, crack squads of riot police, search and […]