Robert Doyle’s latest efforts to stymie Occupy Melbourne are frustrating but not particularly damaging to our cause or resolve.

Occupy Melbourne exists to raise awareness of – and protest – the bullying tactics of the 1%. Over and over Mr. Doyle has reinforced our position through his actions and today’s move to have Occupy Melbourne evicted from Treasury Gardens is the same old story.

For those who have read the notice issued to occupiers this morning, you would be aware of the incredibly vague wording used to intimidate us. It is obvious to me that Mr. Doyle’s solicitors used up their limited supply of energy and imagination last night when they came up with the plan to equate protest signs with advertising as the notice continues on to call for the removal of “other things”. As one occupier commented on Twitter this morning, “Does this include clothes?”

The vague language is a sign of a panicked regime and, as we saw on Friday October 21st, Mr. Doyle’s knee-jerk reactions have violent and bloody repercussions.

When a regime resorts to legal pedantry and extreme powers it is a sign they are losing their legitimacy. It also raises the question of what Mr. Doyle would do if he was faced by violent protesters or a serious civil safety issue.

Occupy Melbourne is not a violent, nor a subversive, organisation. We move forward through discussion and with consensus and we have made it clear that anyone (be they in the 99% or the 1%) is welcome to join in our discussion. I believe that we have invited Mr. Doyle to visit us and to attend General Assemblies on several occasions but I gather he is more content to sneer at Melburnians from the windows of City Hall than to engage with them.

He aspires to be more “Lord” and less “Mayor”.

We are not disheartened by Mr. Doyle’s latest action as it shows how much of a threat Occupy Melbourne is to the 1%. Mr. Doyle is legitimising and galvanising our movement and we will continue to build on this.

For those who would like to help us; who would like to take part in direct democracy; to use your voice as part of the 99%, our next General Assembly will be held from 4.30PM at City Square following our Towers of Power walk.

It’s never too late to join us and all are welcome (even Mr. Doyle).