#Stopkony is a worrying viral campaign conducted by Invisible Children Inc. Already claims are coming out that Invisible Children is a pretty terrible charity for passing on funds to their targets and they are also reputed to be linked to and financiers of the Ugandan military.

ICI Founders pose with weapons and the Ugandan military.

Perhaps it’s crap – I’m not sure you really can support any side in Uganda without being an accessory to rape, murder, kidnappings and all the rest.

Either way, violence will never solve the problem until it reaches genocidal proportions and either one or both sides are completely killed off. Something needs to be done to break the cycle of poverty and violence and get Ugandan society on the track to something more constructive.

The outpouring of unthinking support for the #stopkony campaign seems to me the result of a largely jaded or uncaring population finding an inkling of humanity within themselves and then beating their chests with the issue as penance. Worryingly, many people seem to have gotten behind #stopkony with very little critical thought and even when presented with evidence that ICI favours violent interventions, funds the military and only passes on about 1/3 of all donations to Uganda still refuse to reconsider. I also find it morally reprehensible that a charity that made nearly $5m last year would ask people to BUY posters and ‘action packs’ to raise awareness – most charities and activist groups either give away the posters or make them free for download. This is just profiteering.

Here follow some of the more worryingly blind statements I’ve found regarding #stopkony on the Melbourne awareness page alone.

“…if it all turns out that this is a big manipulation, oh well…i know i will still sleep at night knowing at least i fucking botherd, lost a few bucks and had to watch a video, and hang with my buds for a night…shit! who cares…”

“Honestly if you can do one thing to help the world, why NOT do this? yes, maybe $1 of 10 goes to Uganda but that’s $1 more than they had”

“I’ve just donated on the Invisible Children Site, then come on here to find people whinging and moaning. It’s money, who cares. We make more of it everyday.”

“There will ALWAYS be critics!!!! You negative people make me sick. Finally someone is doing something TRULY significant about this horrendous issue and people protest. Jealous much visible children organisation supporters?????”

There was also this curious post which I think illustrates the lack of understanding being shown by a lot of people:

“It’s a war that needs to be fort . Governments are happy to go to war over oil what about over a child’s right to feel safe.
There a many types of war and I believe this is the type we should have more of …”

If both sides are conscripting children into their armies, who would the intervening armies kill? Children? If so, how can this ever guarantee children’s right to feel safe?